Ahoy Film Goers!

Welcome to my first ‘Glasgow Film Blog’ post,

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I hope to start something here that you’ll want to read. In this technological age some people believe the appeal of the cinema is dying, as movies are easily available online from the comfort of your own home (and potentially at no price for those in the know). Yet we all still look forward to the occasional trip to the cinema. Personally I find it one of my favourite things to do, nothing in the world quite compares to becoming engrossed in a good film and forgetting the outside world for an hour or two, be it  with friends, family or even on your own. Films are constantly being released improving the appeal of the cinema – as there is something for every taste. In this blog I hope to keep you updated on the film scene in bonny Glasgow, the city where I study and live. For now I’m being rushed to publish my first post, but stay tuned and hold on tight. I’ll post again ASAP,

See ya soon!


Fun Fact: My favourite film at the moment is by far ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. If you’ve not seen it, you’re missing out!