The Great Heights of Glasgow

Brilliant Picture by Bethany Weeks from Flickr!

Brilliant Picture by Bethany Weeks from Flickr!

The Cineworld cinema, a fixture in Glasgow we’re all so used to we forget how amazing it really is. Standing tall at 203ft with 18 film screens over 9 floors it comes as no shock it is currently the tallest cinema in the WORLD. Especially not when you’re riding the criss crossing elevators next to a wall of glass, slowly getting higher and higher,  with a friend physically attached to your side trying their hardest not to look down.

Yet after five minutes of wandering up those escalators (the other option of a glass elevator apparently the greater of two evils) all is forgotten within the safety of screen 9 as you settle in with the added comfort of a super-mega-humongous-you’ll-never-drink-all-this coke and ridiculously-large-but-totally-worth-it-seemingly-bottomless bag of popcorn. And it’s hard to resist the temptation of these cinema snacks as each floor has a snack bar conveniently placed at the entrance to the screens. How crafty.

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