I started watching Prometheus late one night, purely because I was bored and I wanted something to kill an hour. I ended up so engrossed by this sci-fi film that two hours later, as it finished, I was tempted to watch it again. Set in 2089 the film follows the crew of ¬†the ¬†spaceship ‘Prometheus’ on their mission ‘seeking the origins of humanity’. After two years of hyper sleep the crew awakens to find they have arrived at a distant planet, thought to be the home of our ‘Engineers’. However it seems that our potential gods are less interested in meeting the Prometheus crew and more interested in annihilating humanity altogether.

The Spaceship Prometheus (pictures 20th Century Fox)

The Spaceship Prometheus (pictures 20th Century Fox)

***FUN FACT: Two members of the crew (Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway) discover what they believe to be a map to the ‘engineers’ on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and this final piece of the puzzle is what gets the team the funding from The Wayland Corp for the mission.***

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