Glasgow – Filming Highlight

Recently it’s come to my attention just how often Glasgow has been used for setting in films – already out and upcoming!

Perhaps the most exciting of which would be ‘World War Z‘ starring Brad Pit. This fantastic film based on Max Brooks’ book of the same name is due out for release in June 2013 and in almost every single advert I’ve seen so far  I can spot my pretty little Glasgow! It’s insane to think that during the American Superbowl as this advert was played hundreds of thousands of eyes were looking at Glasgow and they didn’t even know it.

Glasgow/Philadelphia photo from Flickr - 'I like'

Glasgow/Philadelphia photo from Flickr – ‘I like’

Those of us from around these parts will easily spot George Square, even though it was temporarily transformed into Philadelphia for filming and the change was unbelievable. Signs were torn down, American traffic lights were put up, along with Philadelphia city maps and American road signs not to mention all the foreign yellow cabs and ‘cop’ cars!  In a matter of hours Glasgow was gone, it was amazing. Hundreds of Glaswegians gathered at George Square everyday in hopes of catching site of the famous Brad Pitt, and while I may not have seen him – I did catch the filming of one scene, where what seemed like hundreds of volunteer extras ran screaming down a closed street. It was incredible! Such a rush. I was even privileged enough to meet the author a few days previous on his book tour and as he signed my book I asked him what he thought about Glasgow for the film and he said it was ‘perfect!’

According to the Daily Mail Glasgow was chosen because of the huge similarities between the two cities including the architecture, wide roads and grid layout of the cities. And according to BBC News  Hollywood films and other productions boosted Glasgow’s economy by £20.15m last year. A HUUGE amount. And when I start to think about it the number of films that chose Glasgow is crazy. You’ll see our streets in The Fast and The Furious 6 and you’ve already seen them in ‘The Angels share’, ‘Cloud Atlas’, ‘Neds’ and ‘Sweet Sixteen’. We’re certainly a city to watch.


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