An encounter with Eli Roth

For the ninth Glasgow Film festival the line up was incredible, with an amazing 368 screenings, panel discussions, live performances and special events such as meet and greets with famous actors and actresses. This fantastic program has certainly worked in favor for the festival, as it seen a fantastic 12% rise in admissions, hitting an amazing 39,106 total.

Recently just before the festival came to a conclusion , while I was stuck at home babysitting, my best friend (Cara Stewart ) was lucky enough to get tickets to the screening of Eli Roth’s film ‘Aftershock‘with special attendees director Nicolás López, actress Lorenza Izzo and Eli Roth himself  – and lucky enough to be grilled by me.

Before the screening Eli Roth appeared and introduced a few films that showed before his own and promised to return after the end of the movies.  As he left he asked the audience if they would return for the screening of his film (as there was a substantial time between the films – the first at 3pm ‘Aftershock’ at 9pm) and was met with cheers and applause. A sure sign of his growing fan base.

Did you head straight to the movie?

No no, we actually ended up buying a collectors item special edition poster for £30 on our way back in. It was for another of Roth’s films – ‘Hostel’. I know it was expensive but it was too good an opportunity to pass up as we also got to meet the artist behind the poster and shake his hand. And we may have needed something to get Eli to sign at the meet and greet at the end.

Was there any special gifts for those of you that attended?

Oh yeah, there was tons. Lots of freebies when we came back for the screening of ‘Aftershock’. There was mugs, DVD’s, pens, keychains. Probably lots more, but I can’t remember all of it!

Can you tell me a little about the movie?

The film started out a little bit like your typical romantic comedy with what we assume to be our three main male characters on a road trip in Chile, enjoying life. It seems sunny and cheerful and as if we are in for a feel good movie. Not what I expected at all.  The three guys meet some girls and end up following them to an underground nightclub where a proper hardcore earthquake happens. Its not exactly the nicest place to be during a natural disaster, as you can imagine. The film is then the story of these guys trying to find safety and get away from all the madness outside.

There are a few scenes where I was like,  wait a minute – is this a serious film or is this meant to have an Eli Roth quirky twist? Minutes later as we got to see a maids head severed off dramatically and unexpectedly it occurred to me that this was definitely Eli Roth quirkiness in a more serious plot line.  And the ending! Nice climactic plot twist, just like I expected from this crew.

Did you get to see much of Eli Roth in the film?

Well his character was killed off rather dramatically not too far from the end. His death was crazy, trapped under a boulder/rock then set on fire. Something I’ve come to expect from Roth. And while he died, I did enjoy what I saw!

So what was Eli Roth actually like?

From what I seen he seemed so genuine and such a lovely person. So funny.

After the screening there was a Q+A with Eli, the director and the lead actress. What was that like?

It was brilliant! Some people had really excellent in depth questions. You could tell there was some hardcore film buffs in the audience. What I really liked was earlier when  Eli was introduced and he started talking about his upcoming roles, like The Last Exorcism II, where he outlined the plot for us and explained what he really liked about the first. He also started talking about how difficult it was to name, and how we might see a name change in the future! It was amazing, I felt like we were really just having a conversation!

So I’m going to guess your favorite point of the night was the meet and greet? 

Of course! He asked if I enjoyed the film and I told how how great I thought it was.  I then stared into his eyes and that was the moment that I realized that no other man would suffice other than himself, and as he looked back at me with those beautiful eyes I knew it was love, and I knew that he felt it too… Or at least that’s what I tell myself at night. *begins to sob hyterically’

Any last words?

My boyfriend also asked Eli Roth is he had any intention of turning his famous Grindhouse advert ‘Thanksgiving‘ (Warning Graphic) into a movie, to which my real love Eli replied that he was thinking about it maybe. Which is very cool, both for fans of Grindhouse films and his movies. Great news!

Thank you very much Cara!



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