Trailer Talk

It’s official, 2013 is going to be a great year for the sequels ( and trilogies, and prequels – in fact any and all follow up movies seem to be popping up this year…). As I sat and went through the movies I was most looking forward to, I decided that maybe this would be something good to share here. So sit back, relax  and take in the brilliance of the following trailers.

Kick ass’ 2 – 

<Warning explicit language >

Oh.  Dear. God. It’s beautiful. Explosions, car chases, general violence – exactly what a trailer for an action movie should be . I also think that comic book superhero fans will appreciate the tip of the hat to the original superheroes. It appears that ‘Kick-Ass’ (Aaron Johnson) and ‘Hit-girl’ (Chloë Moretz) are facing that age old problem of being the superheroes the city deserves not the ones it needs right now (see what I did there?).  Chloë Moretz was certainly the star of the first movie, and we see the return of her scarily violent character in this trailer, promising more of the same brilliant action shots. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing more of Jim Carrey’s character ‘Colonol Stars’ who bears a resemblance to a G.I Joe Doll (action figure – sorry!) that my little brother once had. Kick Ass is due for release in August 2013

Iron Man 3 – 

Continuing with the Superhero theme, just look at that trailer. Lets be honest, we all knew that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) was getting himself in trouble when he revealed he was Iron Man. Every superhero knows that you need to keep your identity safe to protect the ones you love! As much as I love Stark (and RDJ) I knew it would come back to bite him, and it really does – Pepper is in trouble,his billion dollar mansion appears to be getting destroyed along side his cutting edge suits, and it looks like Stark is in well over his head. Directed this time by Shane Black, who had previously worked with RDJ on ‘Kiss Kiss Bang  Bang’, it looks set to reach the dizzy height of the first two movies Iron Man Marvel movies, and I know I’m looking forward to its release in April 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness –

I cannot express how excited I am for this movie. The special effects look amazing and the return of the well chosen Enterprise crew is welcomed. Casting Benedict Cumberbatch as a villain? Genius. Pure unadulterated genius. This trailer tells me exactly what i needed to know – with this movie we’ll get our space thrills, our comedic moments and our gorgeous lead men – everything I’m made to expect from the first. J.J. Abrams first entry into this franchise in 2009 was a complete success and this film looks set to follow. Due for release in May 2013

Hangover 3 – 

What can I say? The first Hangover was perhaps the most talked about comedy movie in a long time. It was watched, and loved, by almost everybody I came into contact with. The second not so much. Don’t get me wrong – it was enjoyable, but it didn’t live up to the expectations of the first (understandable). But with the Wolf-pack returning to  Las Vegas (I’m genuinely surprised they weren’t banned/on a no fly list) can we expect comedy on par with the first? I hope so. The original cast seems to have returned, but the trailer gives very little away – I suppose the masses (myself included) will just need to wait until its May 2013 release date.

Anchorman 2 – 

Yet another trailer giving away very little, but enough to have Anchorman fans drooling at their computer screens. With promises of, ‘Sub-machine guns and boobies’ I sense a repeat of the excellence and comedic gold that was the first. ‘It’s going to be a fun movie.’

Monsters University – 

What kind of a human being would I be if I didn’t mention this movie, a prequel to Monsters Inc? We get to see how Mike and Sully met and became friends, people! Come on, who wouldn’t want to see that? It’s been twelve (seriously?) whole years since Monsters Inc was released and boy have we waited patiently. Pixar seem to enjoy making their audiences wait – 11 years between ‘Toy story 2’ and ‘Toy Story 3’ – but thinking now I can see why it’s better the long gap. The children who grew up with Mike and Sully can now see them at an age they are currently – a strange thought, we’ll be able to see their first year at university just as we finish ours.  But that doesn’t mean the prequel is just for those bigger kids. My little sister loves the first movie, and even though I’m sure we all would love to have seen what happened to Boo, the decision to go with a prequel was well thought out. It leaves us with our own ending for Monsters Inc, at least for now.  Due for release in December 2013

Thanks for reading about the movies I’m most looking forward to, if there are any movies coming out this year that you can’t wait for – please comment below!


P.S I’ve set up a twitter account – @msmcgin200 – follow me for more regular updates.

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