I started watching Prometheus late one night, purely because I was bored and I wanted something to kill an hour. I ended up so engrossed by this sci-fi film that two hours later, as it finished, I was tempted to watch it again. Set in 2089 the film follows the crew of  the  spaceship ‘Prometheus’ on their mission ‘seeking the origins of humanity’. After two years of hyper sleep the crew awakens to find they have arrived at a distant planet, thought to be the home of our ‘Engineers’. However it seems that our potential gods are less interested in meeting the Prometheus crew and more interested in annihilating humanity altogether.

The Spaceship Prometheus (pictures 20th Century Fox)

The Spaceship Prometheus (pictures 20th Century Fox)

***FUN FACT: Two members of the crew (Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway) discover what they believe to be a map to the ‘engineers’ on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and this final piece of the puzzle is what gets the team the funding from The Wayland Corp for the mission.***

Potentially dangerous alien life form. Poke it. Go on.  (Pictures 20th Century Fox)

Potentially dangerous alien life form. Poke it. Go on. (Pictures 20th Century Fox)

While I may have found myself irritated by some of the crew members (scientist should know better than to go about poking potentially dangerous alien life forms. Now I’m just saying…)  other characters are mind blowing.  David, played by Michael Fassbender, was by far my favorite.  David is an android that acts as the ships butler and general handy-man. With androids now designed to look and act like humans he is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the crew, until you watch him closely and see his slightly off mannerisms.  There is an eerie scene at the beginning of the movie where David is occupying his time watching Laurence of Arabia and starts to copy T.E. Laurence’s way of speaking along with his hairstyle. Watching David try to make himself more human was alarming. But maybe that was just me… As David begins to develop feelings (negative ones of course!) the audience is left confused as to what is going on. Is David merely looking to be accepted into humanity, or is he in it for something more sinister? Fassbender is strangely perfect for the role and at times I forgot that David was indeed only a character.

Prometheus is not necessarily a horror film with scenes making you jump every second, yet the movie is none the less terrifying.  Watching Elizabeth Shaw (archaeologist and crew member) use an automated surgery table to cut into her stomach and remove a crazy squid baby in a demented abortion like scene was scary – but in a good way. The only thing I would say was that the hype for this film was by far too much, I expected ground breaking story telling with incomparable special effects, and the movie was good – just not the best. Prometheus in general was a great success of a film, grossing over $403 MILLION dollars worldwide, and with the knowledge of sequels to come the franchise will no doubt break records.

***Another interesting thing to note was that the ships medic – Ford is played by Kate Dickie, a Glaswegien actress, originally hailing from East  Kilbride. Dickie has a Bafta and numerous other awards for her acting. The knowledge that someone from our little city could star in movies as huge as Prometheus is ground breaking. Glaswegien wannabe actors should take note, it is possible to make it big. No doubt we shall be seeing more of Kate Dickie. ***

Prometheus Crew (Kate Dickie second from right)

Prometheus Crew (Kate Dickie second from right)


2 thoughts on “Prometheus

  1. Good review. The promotion for this film made it look freakin’ awesome but also, a lot like Alien and I think that’s the big problem with the film. It’s pretty much the same formula used over again and even though Scott tries his hardest to get our heads past that, it’s too obvious, too quick.

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