The Great Heights of Glasgow

Brilliant Picture by Bethany Weeks from Flickr!

Brilliant Picture by Bethany Weeks from Flickr!

The Cineworld cinema, a fixture in Glasgow we’re all so used to we forget how amazing it really is. Standing tall at 203ft with 18 film screens over 9 floors it comes as no shock it is currently the tallest cinema in the WORLD. Especially not when you’re riding the criss crossing elevators next to a wall of glass, slowly getting higher and higher,  with a friend physically attached to your side trying their hardest not to look down.

Yet after five minutes of wandering up those escalators (the other option of a glass elevator apparently the greater of two evils) all is forgotten within the safety of screen 9 as you settle in with the added comfort of a super-mega-humongous-you’ll-never-drink-all-this coke and ridiculously-large-but-totally-worth-it-seemingly-bottomless bag of popcorn. And it’s hard to resist the temptation of these cinema snacks as each floor has a snack bar conveniently placed at the entrance to the screens. How crafty.

With a bar, a kids party room and a ‘viewing foyer’ on the very top floor it’s not hard to guess just why this cinema is so busy. However its location does help, based right bang smack in the middle of Glasgow City Center with Buchanan Bus Station and Buchanan Galleries for neighbors, it really is hard to miss the tall and welcoming site of our cinema.

Before there was Cineworld....

Before there was Cineworld….

Which I found out today, was apparently built on top of another famous cinema ‘Green’s Playhouse’ that opened on the same spot in 1927. Green’s Playhouse (or the Apollo as it was later renamed) seated over 4,000 people and so was the largest cinema in Europe at that time. It’s no wonder Glasgow was called ‘Cinema City’ with more than 130 cinemas in our little town alone. This link HERE takes you to the Scottish Cinema Website which has amazing photos of all these cinemas. It really is peculiar to look at all the photos from inside the Playhouse just before it’s demolition – The grandeur still obvious and remarkable. Please, please, please look at them. I know I sound like an absolute crazy lunatic (it has just gone 05.37 and I should be asleep) and I also know that the amount of people who will actually read this is next to none. But I’m going to post this link HERE and pretend that I’ve actually got people interested.

As a Glasgow Caledonian University student I get to see the cinema each day, often just in passing, but occasionally, when my breaks between lectures are all grouped together, my friends and I manage to get ourselves down to the cinema not even five minutes away. Next post I’ll review one such trip (and the hilarity that ensued).

Stay tuned!



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